About Us

Danny Short

Danny Short, BS, CPT Owner/Trainer at Fitness and Motion is a fitness enthusiast who’s been involved in Judo and dance since he was a young kid. He understands the benefit of lifestyle that includes fitness training and believes that everyone has the capacity to change their strength both mind and body.

Danny started his fitness training business with a focus on helping other business owners save their bottom line by helping their employees become happier, healthier, and more productive.

He sends out a monthly fitness newsletter to encourage them to involve proper nutrition and exercise to their everyday life.

Aurelie Malish

Aurelie Malish

Aurelie Malish CPT, CES, PES is a lifelong fitness enthusiast who joined Danny Short to promote healthy living and fitness training in the workplace.

Aurelie has multiple certifications from NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine).

Aurelie is well versed in training and had worked with different people of age, background, physical abilities and specializes in corrective exercise.




Fahad Adam

Fahad Adam has a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education from Mosul University in Iraq. He also took courses in sports medicine as well as sports massage and could therefore provide sports massage to clients. Having worked for years in various big gyms here in the US and abroad, Fahad brings in a lot of experiences when it comes to fitness as a certified personal trainer, body building, and black belt in street fight.Aside from being a trainer, he’s a gymnast, played soccer in an international team and models in New York.

He is passionate in helping people around him reach their goal whether it is to lose weight, increase the muscle volume, or improve their overall fitness.